How To: Take Webcam Pictures from the Browser and Store them Server-Side

A project I was working on recently on required the ability to take pictures from the browser via webcam and store them somewhere to be later accessed/displayed. I had more or less no idea how to do any of this, so I turned to the wonderful Google […]

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School Is Not Enough

A degree is more or less required to get a job as a software developer. Therefore, everybody applying for software jobs has a degree. Therefore, your degree impresses no one and distinguishes you not at all. School is not enough. You must do more.

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Bulk Delete in Entity Framework

In most ways Entity Framework is a great ORM, but it has some frustrating deficiencies. One of the problems I’ve run up against most frequently is that Entity Framework is horrendously slow for bulk insert/deletes. Like, really, really slow. Almost unworkably slow, depending on how many records […]

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ASP.NET: Modify Web.config Files On Deployment with Web.config Transforms


A really nifty (and not so obvious) feature of Visual Studio/ASP.NET1 is called Web.config transforms. To see why Web.config transforms are useful, consider the following common scenario: The Problem You’re building a new web app, and you’d like to deploy it somewhere so your potential users can […]

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Do It More Than Anyone You Know

I’m often asked how to “get good” at programming, or how I’ve become a good programmer. The wording of my answer varies, but the crux of it is always the same: Do it more than anyone you know. It all comes down to this, really. It doesn’t […]

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Computer Science Is Not Software Engineering!

I’m a student at the University of Michigan. I love it here: the sports, the campus, the alumni, and (yes) even the snow all contribute to an absolutely awesome atmosphere and a great college experience. But there’s one thing I can’t stand: Somehow, in today’s tech-focused world, […]

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RestSharp POST Body Problems


Maybe (probably) I’m just cataclysmically dense, but in the four or five times I’ve tried to use RestSharp to send a POST request with a JSON- or XML-encoded body, I’ve had a rough time getting it to work. Generally it goes something like this: Me: Looks like […]

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13 Things I Love About C#

Visual Studio

I posted this on Quora in response to the question “Why do you love C#?” It got a bunch of votes, so I figure it’s worth something. C# is my favorite language to code in (I suppose this makes me pretty unique among my age group, but […]

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Managing Page State with KnockoutJS


In short: page state sucks, but since we have to deal with it, it’s much better to define it explicitly in JavaScript and link it to our HTML via data binds than to implicitly hold it within the structure of our HTML and manipulate it with jQuery. […]

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